Date:17 November 2020
Type:PVC balustrade
Location:New Lynn
Value:1 350 NZD

Brief description

A PVC Pointed Fence on the top of the retaining wall – is a good solution. Its picket caps add a decorative touch to any outdoor area. The PVC fencing is unique and aesthetically pleasing. It will last longer than any traditional wooden fencing, since it will not rust, flake or deteriorate under extreme weather activities.
You can plant your garden as close to the fencing as you want. The fence panels let the sunlight through and provide proper ventilation. The white picket fence creates a garden border, which is neighbor-friendly and with the same design on either side of the fence.
The permanent fence system provides quick assembly and installation. It can be customized to complement virtually any landscape.

Executed work

Drew up a project plan

Installed by specialists

PVC Garden Fence installation

The customer was very satisfied, we gave him a 10-year warranty, and went to install new fence to a next customer. By ordering a balustrade installation service from us, you get high-quality service, fast service, and durable materials from our partners.


Premium Vinyl Fence

We use the latest technologies to create a superior product that is protected against harmful UV Rays.


Doesn't rot

No fears that Vinyl fences rusting, rotting or getting decomposed like other materials.


No worries

Non-toxic as compared to some other fencing materials.

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