Date:20 September 2015
Type:Full Privacy PVC
Location:West Auckland
Value:9 500 NZD

Brief description

One of the main ideas behind installing a fence on your property is to obtain some privacy. Of course, your yard is an extension of your home, and it is nice to have your space protected and safe NZ FENCES is ready to offer you a variety of PVC and aluminum fencing solutions for any need. 

Would you like to add some decorative elements to your yard? 

Our innovative technologies will bring long-lasting beauty to your outdoor spaces. Are you trying to keep pets and children contained? Choose what suits you most – from purely decorative to privacy and security. (Namely, this project have been done for a mature couple that lives in West Auckland. Their wish was to finish it as fast as possible and with maximum privacy that we can do.

Executed work

Drew up a project plan

Installed by specialists

Full privacy PVC fence installation

The customer was very satisfied, we gave him a 10-year warranty, and went to install new fence to a next customer. By ordering a gate installation service from us, you get high-quality service, fast service, and durable materials from our partners. As well as modern smart electronics.


Premium Vinyl Fence

We use the latest technologies to create a superior product that is protected against harmful UV Rays.


Doesn't rot

No fears that Vinyl fences rusting, rotting or getting decomposed like other materials.


No worries

Non-toxic as compared to some other fencing materials.

Get a 5% discount

For all installations, if you are ordering here.

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