Date:30 October 2020
Type:Aluminum Fencing
Value:5 000 NZD

Brief description

One of the most popular styles is combining brick and aluminum for an effective, permanent structure. An aluminum fence with a smooth top that covers each picket, where pickets are flush to the bottom rail, is a classic and non-intrusive option for those who want to take advantage of their curb appeal.

Aluminum, being one of the sturdiest materials for fence making on the market nowadays, withstands extreme weather conditions of New Zealand. An aluminum fencing will resist rust and corrosion, and can run over an uneven perimeter.

Aluminum fencing is customizable, and you can choose a style that will provide you the security level you are looking for. For instance, pick up a taller fence with multiple rungs for better protection.

Executed work

Automatic aluminum gates installation

Brick posts installation

Aluminum fence installation

The customer was very satisfied, we gave him a 10-year warranty, and went to install new fence to a next customer. By ordering a gate installation service from us, you get high-quality service, fast service, and durable materials from our partners. As well as modern smart electronics.


Premium Aluminum Fence

We use the latest technologies to create a superior product.


Simple Maintenance

Aluminum fences are one of the easiest types of fences to maintain. As opposed to wood, which must be regularly refinished and painted, aluminum never needs a new protective coat.


No worries

Non-toxic as compared to some other fencing materials.

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